Flatlay - Do I want it?

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All the wedding details to include and this is fun!

You’d probably recognize a wedding flat lay if you saw one, but the actual term might be something you’re not as familiar with. A flat lay is one of the most popular types of wedding detail shots—in other words, a photo that does not include people. While the term “detail shot” can refer to anything from flower arrangements and ring close-ups, to place settings and cakes, a flat lay is different. This specific type of photo is carefully planned out by your wedding photographer and often tomes by a wedding designer or a planner (almost like a painting) using your stationery, accessories, and other personal items. If you’ve seen photos of wedding flat lays before, you already know that the end result can be a beautiful idea when it comes to capturing your special day.

We love capturing all the little details you’ve carefully chosen to be a part of your wedding day! We recommend choosing a getting-ready location filled with natural light and curating anything of meaning from your day. We’re often asked by brides, “What Should I Include in Flat Lay Photos?”

Anything your heart wants, really. Little sentimental items, heirloom items like rings or handkerchief from a loved one, all the stationary involved in your wedding like invitations, save the date, etc. I can go on all day here about what you could bring to make things all about your day but you should get the idea by now. It is about the history-telling of your wedding, about your family and the things that have been passed down to you  by generations. But there is no limit for your imagination and to the items that really matter to you.

For instance, the first image on this slideshow has a few flowers that came from the bride’s grandmother personal garden. So, here, we’re not talking about a simple bouquet of fresh flowers, no! We are definitely talking about something much more special and that needs entire attention form your photographer.

So, talk to your photographer about the items that really need attention during the bridal prep and make sure that you gather all items ahead of time and hand them to your photographer as soon as he or she starts the day. And let them be the artist and trust their ability to put the items together in a beautiful way. 

Another things that’s very important: make time in your timeline just for that. Cause it does take time find the right lighting and to arrange the items artistically. We are talking here about 30 to 40 minutes for that, give or take.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your photographer and ask how long they normally take for that portion and you will be surprise to find out that the timing above described will not be much different.

I hope that this article helps! Thanks for reading :-)

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